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We've got a special celebration for August 2019.

The "free hosting" promotion lasts all month—then it goes up for the fall.

Lock in a free year of hosting and an easy-to-update website that you'll love for your business or service!
THIS MONTH: get a 5-page website for just $990...
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*Free hosting is our self-service plan. If you'd like us to update your website for you, send an e-mail newsletter, and offer other content services, we can do so at a discounted rate.

Hurry...Free hosting ends this month.

Our regular price is $990 for setup and $49/month for self service = $1578. Save $588 this month only.
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The site you're on right now—JFPSites.com—uses our special web builder and hosting tool, designed specifically for local businesses and organizations. See some of the features below!

JFPSites.com sites work for small businesses or organizations, giving you a high-quality, professional Web presence at an affordable price.

  • SEO-optimized. Move up in search-engine results with a fast, SSL-secure, targeted website.
  • Mobile-optimized. Your site automatically reconfigures for smartphones with special buttons for your phone number, hours and location.
Jfpsites   edit right on the page!
  • Easy-to-edit. With a special "front-end" editor, your don't have to dig into the dashboard to edit your site. You can create new sections of a page, or edit existing copy, simply by being logging in and clicking "Edit." It as easy to use as a word processor! (Plus we're always available to guide you in the right direction.)
  • Multimedia. Easily create photo galleries, slide shows, embed videos or add audio to your website. Embed HTML and JavaScript to display presentation slides, embedded documents, client portals and other tools.
  • Integrated social tools. Link your site to your social media channels, and pull posts from social media to your website.
  • Analytics. Check your stats for the past month, or plug in Google Analytics for a more robust look at how your site is performing.
  • Incorporate forms and e-commerce. For an additional setup fee we can help you create specialized forms (including for payments) and e-commerce connections for selling your products, services, tickets... or whatever you sell.
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